MySQL Workbench

Last modified by Ken McWilliams on 2012/04/05 01:15

I know many who will only work with the mysql shell but there are many reasons to consider MySQL Workbench. The arguement is simple: Like your trusty IDE it provides support and visualization tools and you can still write regular code (SQL) just fine with it.  The visualization tools (EER diagrams) can help newer developers get up to speed faster.

Here are some youtube videos which show the MySQL Workbench GUI:

Video Tutorial 1 SQL in english. Install MYSQL and first SQL queries with MySql Workbench
Video Tutorial 3 SQL in english. Tables (create, alter, drop table) with mysql workbench
How to create EER Diagram with MySQL WorkBench 

I use MySQL admin with MariaDB (a binary compatible version of MySQL) so you can most definitly use it for that purpose with no effort.

To download MySQL Workbench: