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Ken McWilliams 1.1 1 == Web Sites ==
Ken McWilliams 3.1 3 [[struts.apache.org>>url:http://struts.apache.org/]] - note the [[getting started>>url:http://struts.apache.org/]], [[tag reference>>url:http://struts.apache.org/]] and [[plugin registry>>url:https://cwiki.apache.org/S2PLUGINS/home.html]] sections.
Ken McWilliams 1.1 5 [[OGNL>>url:http://commons.apache.org/ognl/language-guide.html]] - The EL typically used in struts2. It is so simple people overlook its more advanced features.
Ken McWilliams 3.2 7 [[StackOverflow>>url:http://stackoverflow.com/]] - The SO community has answered a lot of common (and not so common) questions, it is a great resource.
Ken McWilliams 4.1 9 [[JSTL>>url:http://docs.oracle.com/javaee/5/jstl/1.1/docs/tlddocs/c/tld-summary.html]] - It's nice to know you can use these with struts2 as well.
Ken McWilliams 1.1 11 == Books ==
Ken McWilliams 6.1 13 ==== Struts2 ====
Ken McWilliams 5.1 14
Ken McWilliams 1.1 15 [[Struts2 in Action >>url:http://amzn.com/193398807X]]- I personally find this book quite useful
Ken McWilliams 2.1 17 [[Apache Struts2 Web Application Development>>url:http://amzn.com/1847193390]][[ >>url:http://amzn.com/193398807X]]- I personally find this book quite useful too
19 [[Practical Apache Struts 2 Web 2.0 Projects (Practical Projects)>>url:http://amzn.com/1590599039]] - No experience with this book
21 [[Starting with Struts2>>url:http://www.karunya.edu/cse/collaboration/sun/resources/StartingStruts2online2.pdf]] (pdf)- It's free, It's Online... I personally would do a couple tutorials and then read this book, if you're looking for something stronger I'd suggest one or both of the first two books.
Ken McWilliams 6.1 22
23 ==== Others ====
25 [[Java Peristence with JPA>>url:http://amzn.com/1432755854]] - A great book. If you're going to be using JPA it should be on the shelf.
27 [[JavaScript the good parts>>url:http://amzn.com/0596517742]] - Good reference book, the Rhino book has been recently been updated too, I have not looked at it recently but only a small portion of that book is dedicated the the JS langauge and the rest of its huge bulk is dedicated to API, for which I'd rather use the web.
29 [[Spring in Action>>url:http://amzn.com/1935182358]] - A very enjoyable and useful book as an introduction to Spring features.
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